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OrangeFactor changes: Talos, bug correlations

Talos oranges now in OrangeFactor

When OrangeFactor (aka WOO) premiered, it did not include Talos oranges in its calculations.  There were many reasons for this, including the fact that Talos oranges were quite rare at the time.

As philor noted last week, that is no longer the case; there are now several frequent Talos oranges on the Android platform.  Because of this, I’ve just added Talos oranges into OrangeFactor.  The result is that the OrangeFactor has jumped from 4.01 (678 failures in 169 testruns) to 5.44 (921 failures in 169 testruns) on mozilla-central.

New bug correlations view

Mark Côté has recently implemented a new view in OrangeFactor, the bug correlations view.  This view shows bugs which occur together on the same commit.  We’ve already had a couple of suggestions for this page which we’re going to implement:  add bug summaries, and show the actual revision numbers for the correlations.  If anyone has other suggestions, please file a bug under Testing:Orange Factor.

Upcoming changes

Next up:  adding the ability to guess when an orange was introduced.  Stay tuned!

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