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Monthly Archives: March 2011

WebGL Conformance Tests now in GrafxBot

GrafxBot has been updated to include the mochitest version of the WebGL Conformance Tests.  When you run GrafxBot tests using the new version, it will run the usual reftests first, followed by the new WebGL tests.  Both sets of test results are posted to the database at the end of test.

The WebGL tests may be skipped for a couple of reasons:  they’ll be skipped if you have a Mac running less than 10.6, or if WebGL isn’t enabled in Firefox on your machine, which could happen if you don’t have supported hardware or drivers.  GrafxBot doesn’t try to force-enable either WebGL or accelerated layers.

Partially to support these tests, GrafxBot now reports some additional details about Firefox’s acceleration status, similar to what you see in about:support:

webgl results 132 pass / 7 fail
webgl renderer Google Inc. — ANGLE — OpenGL ES 2.0 (ANGLE
acceleration mode 2/2 Direct3D 10
d2d enabled true
directwrite enabled true: 6.1.7600.20830, font cache n/a

I encourage users to download and run the new version; I’d like to get some feedback before I update it on AMO, to make sure users aren’t running into problems with the new tests.

The new version of GrafxBot can be downloaded here.