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Latest Tinderbox Build URL’s

The automation tools team creates a variety of automation tools that test a wide range of things.  There are times when these tools need to locate the latest tinderbox build for a given platform, in order to test against.  In the past, this task involved spidering along the FTP site that is home to tinderbox builds.

Now, however, there’s a much easier way:  a web service which returns a JSON document that always contains the latest tinderbox build url’s for all platforms.  This is made possible by Christian Legnitto’s awesome Mozilla Pulse, which sends messages to consumers when certain buildbot events (among other things) occur.  I’ve written a Python library, pulsebuildmonitor, which makes it even easier to act as a consumer for these messages, and layered a small web service on top of that.

The result is http://brasstacks.mozilla.com/latestbuilds/README, or get the actual JSON at http://brasstacks.mozilla.com/latestbuilds/.

Currently this only works for mozilla-central, but I could easily extend it to other trees if needed.

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