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Monthly Archives: October 2010

ProfileManager icons requested!

The Profile Manager which has been bundled with Firefox from time immemorial is going to be removed from Firefox builds soon after Firefox 4 ships; see bug 214675.  Firefox will still support multiple profiles, it just won’t have a built-in UI for managing them.

Instead, a few of us on the Mozilla Automation Tools team have been busy building a standalone replacement.  This will be available as a separate download, and will include a lot of cool features not available in the current incarnation of Profile Manager, like the capability to backup and restore profiles.  For background, see bug 539524, and this wiki page.

There are builds available to play with, but exercise caution, as these builds are beta quality, and it’s possible there may be bugs therein which would cause profile corruption or other problems.  If you do decide to play with it, you may want to backup your profiles first.

Currently, the icon for the new Profile Manager is the default xulrunner icon:  

This doesn’t seem very interesting for a new Profile Manager, and I lack even rudimentary graphics skills, so I’d like to request help!  If you have some graphics experience and would like to contribute to a cool new Mozilla tool, please submit an icon you think would be awesome as an attachment to bug 605576.  Icons should be in PNG format, preferably 48×48 or 64×64, and should be freely distributable.  The creator of the icon that is selected will be mentioned in Profile Manager’s about box, and will have the satisfaction of knowing that their icon is seen every time the new Profile Manager is used.